What Is Romance Frauds And Why It Is on The Rise?

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Single during lockdown? There is an increasing number of people joining online dating sites for killing time, finding love or talking with someone to connect with the outside during the pandemic. Especially sugar dating sites designed for seeking consensual sugaring love, according to SeekingAgreements - the original online dating sites for seeking arrangements. However, not everyone’s dating profiles are whom they say they are.

In the last year, romantic scamming has increased by 26% and fraudsters have tricked lonely hearts in the UK out of 75 million pounds.

What is a romance scam?

A romance scam, or dating fraud, is when a scammer uses a fake profile to form a relationship with a victim, but not for romance. The scammer’s goal is to try to gain a person’s trust and affection, before asking for money or personal information.

Here are some examples, reported on BBC News.

Vivian was conned out of 350.000 pounds. Recently divorced, she joined a dating site looking for love, when she was connected by someone who called himself "Drake". he was behaving like we’d known each other for a lot longer- saying stuff like "I love you", "I can’t wait to meet you", he was just playing on my heartstrings and I fell for it and I can’t believe I did.

He told her he was a businessman working away, over the course of several months he said he was in love, spoke of marriage, but also persuaded her to send thousands of pounds to help him overcome "business problems". Initially, it was "oh my bank card’s struck", "oh can you help me, I’ve got a hotel to bill to pay", then it was port taxes and then it was extra warehouse space. And then the final crunch, which was the big amount, was fifty thousand pounds because there was an accident in the warehouse, and one of his forklift truck drivers had been crushed, and his family was demanding payment fifty thousand pounds and I fell for all of it because I felt close to him and wanted to help him, so took out a loan against my house.

But whilst their scams might seem obvious, the fraudsters are often part of an extremely sophisticated and well-organized criminal operation, who use grooming techniques. By the time, people give money to romance fraudsters, that’s what we see, that’s what the outside world see, that’s really the very end of an extremely long and sophisticated grooming process, whereby the person is a victim of something akin to coercive control or domestic violence and abuse, and it’s the very end of that process we see, so it seems extremely obvious to us, but the person has actually been groomed and exploited over a long period of time, to the point in which people are difficult to identity the reality and realized that they have made a wrong decisions.

So how can you avoid being scammed?

For sugar baby, it has a few effects on you even you’ve encountered a fake sugar daddy who doesn’t give you things he promised, or waste your time. But I’m not mean to ignore those fake sugar daddies. by the way, report them to the customer support team, do not let those scammers hurt others on the site.

For sugar daddies, it’s more likely for you to meet those romantic fraudsters. Maybe you’ve made a happy conversation or even establish affective emotions with each other. She still won’t show up when you decide to meet up face to face. On the one hand, she may not feel safe during the pandemic. On the other hand, she is a possible scammer who just wants to get money.

The number one thing that sugar baby can do is keep your support network close to you, don’t let yourself be separated or isolated from your friends and your family. This is something that fraudsters will do because your friends and your family are on the outside of the relationship, they have an objective view to keep them close.

The pandemic has given fraudsters the perfect excuse for not ever being able to come and meet their targets. Often criminals create a persona that’s based around strength and reliability so often we see medics or soldiers or doctors, they’ll often want to move the conversation of the platform that you’ve been communicating on, because that provider's less security for you, often they’ll create a financial emergency or some form of crisis, but this can take a long time to develop. And of course, this is where the complexity lies because by that time, many people have developed quite a strong bond with the person that they’re engaging with and it can be embarrassing to admit that their partner is a whole romantic fraud . And police believe that this has contributed to a rise in cases, there were over 700 reported romance scams that happened in October 2020, but police believe many more are going unreported.

According to police, it’s extremely difficult to investigate an romance scamming, as most of online dating platforms offer services for people all over the world. It’s hard to trace if scammers network stretch across borders and transfer money from one to another. The police say there are working with foreign governments to identify suspects, and they have managed to repatriate some of the money that they have stolen this year. But for the moment, many of these cruel scammers are going unpunished. So you’d better search sugar babies or sugar daddies in your local area.

On seeking agreements, we are dedicated to providing a safe and convenient dating environment for our users. Each profile are required to confirm authenticity, and we introduce profile verification, SSL Encryption, and Fraud Detection Systems to ensure your safety, any potential scammers will be eliminated once it was detected.

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