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seeking arrangement stories

As long as I appear anonymously, I work for the government. I was attracted by the new concepts of seeking agreements - seeking consensual sugaring love which seems like a sweet romantic relationship. That’s why I click it for a try, and I feel a little excited to start a sugar journey.

Sugaring experience:

Earlier in 2020, I met a wonderful and ambitious young girl through Seeking Agreements. Numerous ladies signing up on so-called seeking arrangement website as the pandemic took away their jobs, let plenty of desperate for money. Although the site requires people to get their photos verified, her photos weren't verified and she wasn't a paid member of the site. So, I approached cautiously and started the conversation with a normal question: How's your day been? When she responded with more than one word, I started to feel a little better about her genuineness. We seemed to hit it off after about an hour of chatting through the site's messaging board, but I still wanted to verify her authenticity.

Try to make sugar baby feel safe

I've been a sugar daddy for roughly six years, off and on. I've learned how to converse with girls that are both experienced and new. She was on day three of her Seeking arrangement experience and I was her first actual interaction that didn't lead into an immediate request for nudes or sex. The fact that she was brand new gave me a sense of responsibility. I needed to show her that there were genuine, loyal men beyond the initial screen of filth. She readily gave me her number when I asked her for it and it was then that we started to develop trust. I heard her voice; her energy and enthusiasm. I also noticed that she expected to be surrounded by security and maturity. Like other sugar babies, She wanted to feel safe.

Our first date - walk aroung the national mall

I invited her to walk with me around the National Mall in DC. It was the perfect first-date because of its high public visibility. During our walk, I made sure to break the ice and ask her questions that were both comfortable and safe. I asked her about her sugaring experience in this culture and about her expectations to which she responded, "I have no experience and I'm just tired of dealing with boys my age." She expressed her disappointment in young men who couldn't even pay for lunch, let alone provide her with a sense of security. It was evident that I needed to coach her about this community. I started this conversation by telling her that if she intended on meeting other sugar daddies, she needed to be extremely careful. Meet them in public, as we did. Screen them by phone, as we did. Listen to your intuition, as we did.

During our walk, she asked me what I was hoping for out of this new relationship. I said, "My role as a sugar daddy is to support your goals and endeavors. I want to develop a bond and make you feel safe; take you out on dates and buy you things not because you want them but because it's meaningful. I want to whisper into your ear and tell you you're beautiful; watch you smile and squirm when I talk dirty to you. And when you're comfortable and ready, I want to take your clothes off and do some happy thing like you want me to." She blushed, smiled, and said, "Perfect."

Establish sugar baby arrangements

Over the course of six months, we had an incredible relationship, one in which feelings towards each other were developed. I showed her the finer things in life and she taught me the ways of her generation. We experimented in bed where she discovered a new passion for BDSM. She taught me to not take life so seriously. On every date, I made it a goal to make her laugh to a point where she gasped for air, just as she did when we hit the sheets. I loved her and she loved me. She trusted me and I knew that I could trust her. We made plans for her to go to college in the fall, which eventually ended our incredible adventure. We still remain friends and I never fail to be there for her when she needs advice or assistance untill today. I was 35 and she was 18.

Sugar daddies’ suggestion: It would be great to be able to see read receipts on the website browser. Seeking agreements is a great idea for a successful rich man and young ambitious women who want to try an unconventional relationship. The app has many unique features available, if it provides a few days free-trail that would be perfect, and I believe there are plenty of people who want to know how’s Seeking Agreements work and how to manage a sugar baby arrangement.

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