4 Misconceptions about Sugar Daddy/Baby Relationship

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There is a lot of controversy and misconceptions when it comes to seeking secret arrangements between rich successful sugar daddies and young gorgeous sugar babies, which is also called age-gap dating.

Most of the controversy is based on the idea that the sugar daddy relationship is based on promoting compensated dating or sexual arrangements or only physical attraction. These misconceptions are not only related to age but the model of compensated dating, that’s why sugar daddy dating is called escort service or prostitute service as it’s involved in physical touch. This is pretty insulting for young women, right? Sugar daddy relationship is totally different from the escort service or the prostitute service, as the latter are sex workers.

Sugar daddy dating website is designed for rich generous sugar daddy seeking connections with young beautiful women for an unconventional sugaring relationship. Most sugar daddies are rich older businessmen who have achieved great success in their business, and they may be divorced or separated as they’ve spent most of their time on work or business trip but ignore their wife and family. Then, they prefer to starting unconventional relationships - seeking secret arrangements seems to be one of the great options. It’s a win-win situation for both parties, where rich men keep company by young attractive ladies by supporting them with finance or spoil them with lavish gifts.

Misconception 1: Sugar daddy is a rich older man looking for innocent young women

Sugar daddies are powerful, mature, and successful men who have financial confidence and usually take good care of themselves both physically and appearance. Misconceptions about sugar daddy are older men with ugly appearance but also at their elderly age. They hang around in sorts of bars waiting for innocent young women spoiling with bonuses, luxurious gifts, or financial support in return for their company.

Some sugar daddies may enjoy bars, but it’s hard for them to find like-minded sugar babies here. Time is precious for them. It’s not easy to pick up an ideal sugar baby by spending too much time on those bars. In addition to most successful sugar daddies prefer to start a secret arrangement. Sugar daddy not only refers to rich older men, newbie sugar daddies tend to be younger than ever. Young elite men who have achieved great success in their business must be more attractive to young ladies. For elite rich men, there is no need for them to chase after young ladies,instead, young women will come to them.

Misconception 2: sugar babies want to find the handsome boy of their own age

What is a sugar baby? Sugar babies are open-minded women, with great appearance, perfect body type, beautiful, and ambition. For a few numbers of sugar babies, they want to experience a sugar lifestyle instead of pursuing financial support. The other part of sugar babies is young attractive women including college students, divorced moms, and company staff. Most of them expect to date a rich man for sugaring love or marriage. Those ambitious sugar babies know what they want - wealthy sugar daddies who could support their education or cover their living expenses. Compared with young boys of their own age, sugar daddies tend to be more mature who will give them a sense of safety and have the ability to satisfy their demands.

Misconception 3: sugar daddies and young ladies have nothing in common

Sugar daddy dating is a kind of age gap dating, where sugar daddies at their middle age of 40th - 60th while sugar babies at their early 20th to 30th. Thus, people are worried that it may be difficult for them to get along with each of as they have nothing in common. Actually, with the internet widely used across the globe, it makes almost all popular culture widely available for everybody. People can find common interests over any period of time, thus age is no longer a problem.

On the contrary, sugar daddy dating makes it possible that people are able to share their different lifestyles and enriched life experience. Sugar daddies usually have a different worldview owing to the experiences that they’ve had, that’s the reason why we call them a mentor who will give great help for sugar babies both career and life.

Misconception 4: sugar babies will cheat on sugar daddies and they’re a completely gold digger

This is definitely wrong to regard sugar baby as a cheater. The motivation of seeking arrangements is to find like-minded people to establish a mutually beneficial relationship, where sugar babies straightly talk about their demands and sugar daddies are willing to satisfy their requirements. Whether break the relationship or not, it depends on personal choice which has no matter with age or finance. As sugar relationship is not only related to compensating relations but also emotional connections.

If a sugar baby cheats on a sugar daddy it has little to do with her age in that she is someone who inclined to cheat. In other words, it’s all based on her personality.

Actually, sugar daddy dating is a kind of age gap bond that you may experience in similarly aged relationships, and it may be more interesting than general age gap dating. The problems or struggles in the sugar relationship may be different, but I’m sure that rich successful sugar daddy will handle those in their ways.

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